Trademark Registration

Patent Registration

The important reason for having a trademark is to determine the foundation or ownership of a product/article to which it is fixed. A trademark is also useful in checking consumer confusion, and maximizing commercial efficiency. Therefore popular companies not only invest in establishing trademarks but are also observant in defending them.

Our practiced Intellectual Property Lawyers and Consultants help Clients Register, Apply and License Trademarks in India.

Our Trademark Patent services include investigating and providing ideas on potential registration issues, strategizing to launching comprehensive safety while preventing conflicts with existing marks, prosecuting Trademark Registry office actions and negotiating with Trademark Examiners to attain registration. Post-registration services include developing and implementing licensing schemes to help Clients appreciate the full value of their intellectual property.

Patent Services:

Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India

Prosecuting Trademark oppositions

Trademark explorations and opinions

Consulting on Trademark security strategies

Trademark Infringement and Unfair Competition